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Over 50 years of Golden Sands Beach at Turtle Lake, SK (East Side)!

Golden Sands Beach offers lots and cabins for sale (Turnkey packages coming soon!) at Turtle Lake Saskatchewan (East Side). Golden Sands Beach was lovingly founded by Anne and Wallace Bruce and family. Our family has a long history at Turtle Lake of over 50 years and have enjoyed our own cabins (2 log cabins, the old Gran farmhouse and the originally an RTM, totaling 4 different family cabins) since 1968. It’s safe to say our family knows the Turtle!

And, this is now the second generation for our family enterprise.

Golden Sands Beach found its name with the unique fine golden sandy beaches and pristine lake water. Even as you walk out into the lake, you can see your toes through the clear water with the lake being fed by underground springs. The icing on the cake is that not only do we have sunshine all day long but we routinely are gifted with truly breathtaking sunsets and often the aurora borealis (Northern Lights). It is truly pristine and serene with breathtaking beauty.

The flora and fauna of the birch, willows, spruce, many different mushroom varieties, wild strawberries, cranberries varieties and blueberries as well as the wildlife and birds are one special treat while you hear the refreshing calm of the breeze in the trees.

Mornings are particularly special with a hot strong coffee looking at the foggy glass-like lake on a summer morning, still, calm and easy. It’s a spot where you know you’re close to God.

My parents founded the land development company with Golden Sands Beach from a family farm after them both dreaming about owning it in the same night’s slumber. Their identical dream was to see as many happy family’s lake life memories created as possible over many sunny fun days spent together at the beach, waterskiing, singing around the campfire, fishing, and BBQing with long time friendships blossoming over the years.

My dad was famous for grilling super thick moose steaks on his cast iron griddle in the evenings and in the mornings for pancakes in his red shirt. Never was there a happier man!

Mom and Dad have always donated to community events like the annual Canada Day parade because it was dear to their hearts to see the kiddos on wagons, bikes, etc. waving to the candy throwing crowd of neighbors. They found so much value in seeing family times strengthening bonds through the lake life experience.

We want to offer the lake life that we’ve enjoyed for so long, growing up around the lake, to as many families as possible and continue to build a beautiful community in the newly formed RV Turtle View.

Our Turtle Lake lots and the cabins for sale are specially curated for the borealis forest and created with our love for the lake. And we have them positioned conveniently close to the Golden Sands public beach, the public boat launch, and our private marina. You are literally a few minutes’ walk away from the beach with our lots and cabins. Most people get around on foot or by golf cart once their weekend is launched.

Golden Sands Beach has a very private, casual, and down-to-earth charm about it. People are very friendly, welcoming, and easy-going. This is the vibe at Golden Sands Beach, and we bet you will fall in love with your own special piece of heaven at Golden Sands Beach as much as we have over the years. You are welcome. Come visit.

Rosemary Bruus
Managing Director, Golden Sands Beach

Golden Sands Beach Turtle Lake Saskatchewan Area-Map

Golden Sands Beach Area Map

Why Golden Sands Beach at Turtle Lake?

Lake Life at Golden Sands Beach, Turtle Lake Saskatchewan is the right place for you and your family if you seek the kick back relax lake life amongst the most serene and untouched borealis forest privacy.

When you purchase one of our lake lots for sale or cabins for sale you’ll get to enjoy a variety of benefits unique to Golden Sands Beach Turtle Lake.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits Public boat launch

Public Boat Launch

A few minutes away from most of our lake lots, the public boat launch at Golden Sands Beach offers quick access to get your boat in and out of the water.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits Golden Sands Beach Indian Point

Beautiful Beaches

The golden sandy shorelines at Golden Sands Beach offer beautiful sand that your children will love to play in all day long.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits sunsets

Beautiful Sunsets

The sunsets available on the east shores of Turtle Lake  are simply amazing. The night skies are star-studded with thousands of twinkling stars and beautiful auroras.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits private lots for sale

Private Lots

Our Turtle Lake lots for sale are very private and well-treed offering birch, poplar and pines and ensure you will have ample privacy in your cabin.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits community


The Turtle Lake community is small and welcoming. You’ll find many families with children who enjoy the lake life all summer long.

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits Fishing walleye Ice Fishing

Year-Round Fishing

Turtle Lake offers some of the best fishing around. It is regularly stocked with walleye and whitefish. Whether you like fishing from the shore, dock or boat or ice fishing, you’re going to love it!

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits Wildlife reserve

Wildlife Reserve

The nearby Turtle Lake Nature Sanctuary is 122 acres of protected wilderness and is home to all kinds of wildlife and plants.

Year-Round ATV

With lots of crown land nearby filled with trails, there is plenty of opportunity for ATVing and Ski-dooing at Golden Sands Beach.

Turtle Lake Cabins Benefits marina


Our private Marina offers the opportunity to securely keep your boat in the water all summer long, making accessing the water even easier. Click here for your application!

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits trails biking

Trail Biking

At Golden Sands your are surrounded by nature filled with trails. Enjoy great trail biking in this paradise!

Turtle Lake Cabins For Sale in Saskatchewan Benefits Ski-doo


When winter hits and the lake freezes it’s ski-doo season! Have a blast even when it’s cold at your cabin!


At Golden Sands Beach, you’re surrounded by nature and crown land. Enjoy foraging for berries, mushrooms, and wild herbs.

Find out why people love our Golden Sands lake lots and cabins

Our Lake Lots and Cabins for sale offer the serene lake life you’ve always wanted for your family! See what others are saying about lake life at Golden Sands, Turtle Lake. Read all our reviews here.

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